Was born on the 2nd of February 1965 in Vilnius.

Educational institutions: between the years of 1979 and 1982 was attending Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis art school, painting class (the mentor was J. Daniliauskas), between the years of 1983 and 1990 was studying in The State Institute of Fine Arts (Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts), the faculty of monumental art, stained-glass studio (the mentor was professor A. Stoškus)

Degree dissertation: "Linas" rest-house, Palanga. Stained-glass piece ‚Sea‘- measurement information 20square meters.
Is working in the spares of stain-glass, painting, appreciates the technique of tempera.

Is the member
of Lithuanian Artists' Union since 1999.

During the period of time between the
years 1996 and 2001 was the real member
of Stain-glass Association of America (SGAA).

The personal exhibitions:

In 1988- ‘Girstutis’ hall, Kaunas (painting)

In 1989- Kaunas Artists’ Union (painting)

In 1995- The gallery ‘The window’, Kaunas (painting, tempera)

In 1996- The gallery ‘The gate’, Vilnius (tempera)

In 1997- The gallery ‘Eglės gallery’, Kaunas (tempera)

In 1998- Lithuanian Artists’ gallery’s Kaunas gallery (painting)

In 2000- Žemaitkiemis manor (painting, tempera) ‘Vision’

In 2002- Savickas gallery, Palanga (painting, tempera)

In 2002- The textile guild, Kaunas (painting)

In 2003- The hall of Šiauliai University (painting)

In 2003- Balzekas Lithuanian Art Center, Chicago (painting, tempera)

In 2003- Ruta gallery, Vilnius (painting)

In 2006- The graphics gallery, Kaunas (‚Aquarium‘, painting)

In 2009 the exhibition ‚Still lifes‘, ‚Baroti‘ gallery, Klaipėda.

Artist union gallery. Vilnius , Painting 2010

2011 Druskininkai town.paintig

2011 "LOST TOWNS",paintig.Vilnius Mayor's Office.

2011 "LOST TOWNS"(supplemented),painting ,Savickas painting gallery


2013 Exibition  "LOST TOWNS" (addition), painting . Hotel ART RACHMANINOV, St.Peterburg
2014 Exibition "DROWNED TOWNW" ,painting. Gallery SPB, St.Peterburg

2015 Exibition "REFLEXES" ,painting "RŪTŲ GALERIJA" ,Klaipėda 


2017 Gallery "Shofar" exibition "OLD PARKS" painting, Vilnius

2017 Babtynas-Zemaitkiemis marror  "OLD PARKS" painting (supplemented)


The group exhibitions:

In 1989- Kaunas Artists' Exhibition, Exhibition Hall, Kaunas.

In 1990- Young Artists Exhibition, Exhibition Hall, Kaunas.

In 1991- Kaunas Artists‘ Exhibition, Hamburg, Germany.

In 1992- Religious Art Exhibition, Exhibition Hall, Kaunas.

In 1993- J. Zalensas and S. Gutauskas exhibition in Kėdainiai city hall.

Between the years 1994 to 2000- ‚On another end...97, 98, 99, 00.

In 2000- Zelwa, Poland, Warsaw.

In 2002-Nida‘s magic, Agila centre, Nida2003- Dipole, Vilnius city hall, Kaunas gallery, MP.

In 2004- The modern art, Kaunas gallery, MP.

In 2005- Bikuškis painting Plein Air.

In 2007- The collector‘s E. Kolokauskas residence. S. Gutauskas, A. Obcarskas, Nemirseta (painting).

In 2008 the exhibition ‚Three worlds‘, painting J. Zalenskas, V. Tamoliūnas, S. Gutauskas, Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius.

In 2008 the exhibition ‚Between intelligence and emotions‘, painting.

In 2008 the exhibition from the cycle ‚The afternoon at the collector‘s place‘, painting A. Obcarskas, S. Gutauskas, Žemaitkiemis-Babtynas manor.

In 2008- The International Plain Air ‚Between the Baltic and Black seas‘, Crimea, Dnepropetrovsk, 2007, Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. J. Zalensas, S. Gutauskas, V. Tamoliūnas (‚Three worlds‘), painting.


2009.Druskininkai International paintig exterior "RAIGARDAS".

2010..Druskininkai International paintig exterior "RAIGARDAS""theme "Me and other me".

2011.Norway Paintig exterior "RYFOSS";

2011.Druskininkai Paintig exterior "EGLĖ 2011"

2011.Druskininkai International paintig exterior"RAIGARDAS",theme" Eternal stamp of M.K.Čiurlionis".

2015 "Figure and space" ,Druskininkai.  

Works are in private collections in the United States, Lithuania, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland and elsewhere

The stain-glass piece "Linas" rest-house, Palanga. Stained-glass piece ‚Sea‘- measurement information 20square meters, thin glass, lead, 1990.

Marriages Palace, Tauragė, stain-glass piece ‘Blossoms’, measurement information 18square meters, lead, 1992.

‘Santauta’rest-house, Juodkrantė, stain-glass piece ‘Ambers’, measurement information 28square meters, thin glass, lead, 1994.

‘Santauta’ rest-house, Juodkrantė, stain-glass piece ‘Wave’, measurement information 20square meters, 1995.

Holy Spirit Church, Truskava, stain-glass pieces ‚The stations of the Cross‘, measurement information 25square meters, opal glass, coppered lead, copper, 1996.

Evangelical Lutheran church in Königsberg, stain-glass piece ‚The falling roses‘, measurement information 100square meters, opal glass, lead.

In total were designed and implemented more than 500square meters of stained-glass in multi-purpose public buildings and private houses.




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